With 40 constabularies in the UK, Tri Serve Awards is a recognition of the service by those officers with 10 years of service or more.

British Armed Forces

Most men & women who have served for more than 10 years in the British Army, Royal navy & Royal air force are untitle to self nominate or be nominated for the TriServe Awards.

Emergency Services

Emergency services

The emergency services comprises of the fire & rescue, coact guard & paramedics who has served more than 10 years or those who has transition from the British armed forces to join the paramedics.

TriServe Awards~ Celebrating long service in the Military & Blue light services


As a  sponsor to the TriServe Awards you get to run your own inhouse long service award and join us for the day onboard to celebrate. We are looking for sponsors who can add value to what we are doing. For more details email us at info@TriCruising.com

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Nomination can come from any member of the public or self nomination, we will need some form of evidence to service lenght for our board to judge your nomination. We will contact you directly for a short conversation and inform the winners by email.  

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On September 25th, members of the Armed Forces, military and blue light personnel gathered onboard the 2,400 passenger Norwegian Jade in company of Samuel Reddy, CEO of TriExForces to celebrate long service in the military and blue light services. Learn more about 2017 TriServe Awards here.

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Passionately committed to protecting the future executives with innovating system for our generation and most importantly the generations to come.

Founder & CEO: Samuel Reddy

Samuel is the Brain child of TriExForces starting out as an advanced chauffeur service for executives to now offering events & conference onboard cruise ships. His latest brand is a digital media & marketing company for Southampton Cruise port promoting local businesses to the cruise industry. Triserve awards-a celebration for long service in the Military & blue light services is a giveaway to those in the services. This award happens once a year on a cruise ship in Southampton.

Operations Director: Andy Lai

Andy served 37 years as a police officer and help Samuel in the delivery of services and daily operational needs whether it is in the chauffeur department, tour & guide for guest or event planning on board tricruing. Like Samuel, Andy is also a linguist and assit with corporate clients with their translation need.

Consultant Director & Special Project: Isaac Abraham

Isaac is the company risk & resilience for TriExForces focusing on the long term scaling and immediate growth of the business. Isaac is also involve in the day to day running of the group.

Managing Director: Vanessa Reddy

With 15 years in the travel industry Vanessa is the managing director of  TriVacations overseeing the book & reservations of TriCruising, Southampton Cruise Port & TriForceChauffeurs.

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