Our carefully selected security chauffeurs are discreet and reliable. They always pay attention to personal service to the passenger as well as a high degree of flexibility, security and time savings, our aim is to treat you as our VIP Customer.To achieve this aim you will have one of our specialist chauffeur who is registered close protection officer to pick you up at the desired location, either directly in front of the building or within.
If you wish to be picked up at the airport, we will track the status of your flight. Even if your flight is delayed, your specialist chauffeur will be waiting for you at your gate to pick you up. Then your specialist chauffeur will take you quickly and safely to your destination in a sophisticated ambience.
All our security chauffeurs are fully trained in Close Protection and licensed by Security Industry Authority (SIA). Most of our security personnel come from military or police backgrounds and have bags of experience behind them. Our ex-army security operatives are especially praised by our clients for their skills and expertise in Close Protection. They are usually requested by high net-worth clients and high profile public figures to work as bodyguards for them and their families. Some of our security operatives are multi-lingual individuals who are fluent in Russian, French and Arabic. For bookings please visit TriForceChauffeurs.com