🔷I’m an entrepreneur, author born in Mauritius 🇲🇺 & made in the British 🇬🇧 Armed Forces. Being a citizen of the world made me understand the importance of creating lasting value. I work with organisations who place people at the center of their thinking. I believe leaders need impactful learning to enrich their lives, which is a largely unexplored factor in individual and collective performance.

🔷As an 🇬🇧 ExForces, I Founded TriExForces® in 2014 prior to a successful business transition from the care industry.
TriExForces is a team of high valued individuals from three specific backgrounds:

  1. Former military and blue light personnel with a drive to serve.
  2. Industry leaders.
  3. Academia and thoughts leaders.

🔷I am the author of Leavers To Leaders- The book is now available in 17 countries and an amazon best seller in the UK, Australia , USA & Canada. I run a monthly podcast where I speak with industry leaders from the above and we talk about the 3LOS of Leadership- Leading Oneself, Leading Others, Leading Organisation. Visit www.SamuelTReddy.com for more details.

🔷Our brands:


▶️ Runs amazing workshops & training for business leaders & business owners onboard various cruise ships & tropical places around the world.

✔ https://TriForceChauffeurs.com/

▶️ An all round inclusive service with hotel, flight, cruise and transfer for corporate. This service is run by former service personnel & police officers.


▶️ A event company designing conferences, retreats and workshops onboard cruise ship around the world, as a tour operator we provide an all inclusive service with hotel, transfer & cruise operating in Southampton, Cape town & Mauritius. Our twin site www.TryCruising.com does the retail cruise.


▶️ A 7 steps methodology for anyone to become a highly valued person in their field. Whether you are at work or run your own business, a highly valued person is rewarded by more time, more money and more fun.


▶️TriAtis is a learning and development organisation with offices in UK- Southampton, Mauritius-Ebene and soon HongKong. We specialise in developing contemporary leaders who become highly valued and remain relevant, responsive and rigorous.