Leavers to leaders

TriExForces® group is a purpose-led brand design to help leaders to act decisively and perform effectively. Our brands are TriAtis Global, Leavers To Leaders, LOS Cast & The Leaders Operating System.
The team is made up of a cross-generational team of former military leaders, industry experts & thought leaders who are deployed globally to impact organisations across the Tri sector (Government, Business & 3rd sector).

How do we operate?
• Leadership development though our partnership with TriAtis Global, a learning and development organisation with offices in UK, Africa & Asia.
• Conferences & workshops on change, leadership & strategy in a digital world onboard various cruise ships & selected land based hotels.
• Deployment of leadership team to empower business leaders to deal with change & grow globally.
• Provide Keynote speakers from former military Leaders, thought Leaders & industry experts.

Our Programme is based on the best selling book ‘Leavers To Leaders‘ designed to develop leaders who become highly valued and lead organisations. The certified programme is combined with modules co-developed with the Chartered Management Instiute (CMI). TriAtis is further enriched by L.O.S (Leader`s Operating System) led by Paul Bennett, offers participants a combination of classroom-based teaching, e-learning, on the job training and mentoring, as well as access to the Leavers To Leaders accountability group and webinars to support self-directed learning and independent career acceleration. The end result of our accelerator programme is to develop leaders who stand out, become relevant and impact organisations by being rigorous and responsive.

TriExForces is the brainchild of Samuel T. Reddy,  he grew up as a sugar cane boy in Mauritius with a career in the local governement followed by a  career in the British Armed Forces. Today he is the CEO of five brands. Samuel is the CEO of TriAtis Leadership, a learning and development organisation specialising in developing leader who stand out, become relevant and highly valued by impacting organisations. Samuel has an extensive knowledge in career transition and has worked and engaged in government, military, business and 3rd sector. He is also the creator of the ‘Leaders Operating System’ (LOS) and runs LOS Cast- a weekly talks at Southampton Business School, University of Southampton with industry leaders and thought leaders.

He is the author of the new book Leavers To Leaders, which has reached Amazon bestseller in UK, Australia, America and Canada.

I believe environment dictates performance and you gain more experience by exposing yourself to new environments’.

As a keynote speaker, Samuel has a strategic message that will dispute, distract and inspire you to do more, be more and nothing less.

In the last 4 years TriExForces has become a focus for excellence, our vision is to develop leaders globally and help them to enrich their lives and make a greater impact in the world.

‘ Career Transition is a journey when you stop, then thats the end’

Business engagement:

Sep 2014 www.TriForceChauffeurs.com an advanced chauffeurs company with all round service driven by former military & police officers.

May 2017 www.TriCruising.com an events & conferences brands for the corporates and organisation onboard various cruise ship around the world.

Sep 2017 Tri Serve Awards a celebration for long service for military personnel. This award celebration takes place onboard a cruise ship in Southampton, Liverpool, Newcastle & Scotland. Email us at info@triexforces.com ref ‘BoSo‘.

Sep 2018 TriAtis Leadership, a learning and development organisation based in Southampton UK & Ebene Mauritius. TriAtis runs uncompromising leadership programme that develops leaders who stand out, remain relevant and become highly valued by impacting organisations.

Jan 2019  Leaver To Leaders.com was launched with the aim to elevate the lives of those who are frustrated, undervalued and overlooked in the workplace. The book is now available in 17 countries and is a #1 best seller in four countries including, UK, USA, Australia & Canada.

Dec 2019  BoSo-Buy One. Support One.  As a group we belive in sustainable development and profit has to have a purpose. BoSo is an online donation platform in line with the global goals for sustainable development to support selected charities around the world.  (Coming soon)

For more detail about the founder, please visit https://samueltreddy.com.

Thank you.