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Concierge services


We offer a full range of concierge service: Gas leak

Gas leaks, floods and power outages – in the event of a gas leak, flood or power outage we will contact the relevant engineer to rectify the situation

Intruder Prowlers – if you feel threatened due to prowlers or trespassers, we can attend and respond accordingly, provide an escort to or from your vehicle as well as stay on-site for prolonged periods of time until the situation is remedied

Lost keys

Lockouts – if you are locked out due to loss or theft of your keys, we can provide rapid response to allow you access to your home. We can also arrange for a Banham locksmith to change the locks or cylinders as well as arrange for a new set of keys to be cut for you Help the aged – we can provide response to emergency alarms for elderly people in the event of an accident and can provide friendly assistance, reassurance and company. We can also contact any family or friends Others – e.g. passport delivery; in the event you are flying abroad and you forget your passport or travel documents at home, we can collect and deliver them to you at the airport. Domestic appliances left on; Think you left a domestic appliance such as a cooker on by mistake, let us know and we will deal with it. Lost Keys – spare keysare stored, unmarked, at your local key vault or mobile unit, in accordance with regulatory standards, so we can provide alarm response, lost key services and access to approved contractors, all completely safely and with no disruption to your life.

residential cctv Holiday or business event – should you be away for two weeks, as an inclusive benefits using our own range of electronic system we can also provide you with our personal chauffeur to drive you to your destination.

Dog sitter House sitting-Are you away on holiday or business we can care for your pets at home as part of our routine checks to your property.You will be able to see each time we enter and exit your property via our security system online or on your phone.

delivery collection Parcel collection- Should you not be able to collect a special delivery give us a call and we will sign the delivery for you at your house and on your return your delivery will waiting for you.

Our Concierge service is based on our spirit to serve!

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