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It’s Friday !!! Yay, many of you will be going for a night out in town. But are you concerned for your safety or the safety of your teenager when going out in town or clubbing in Hampshire? TriExForces has the solution to that. Our qualified close protection officers can act as a chaperone. Does this mean we wear body armour and look like a bodyguard around you and stop people from talking to you? Of course not. We are basically happy to fly under the radar and act like a friend to scare away unwanted attention if needed, it is a subtle relationship- it’s more like being a friend. We drive you around and watch over you from a distance. But most importantly at TriExForces, we have the ‘soft skills’ approach, and that’s what we are known for. The ability to blend in is key for a chaperone. Most of our clients we had the pleasure to work with will recognise the ‘soft skills’ we display around them and this approach is what makes the team simply unrivalled. We don’t just act as a friend, we listen as a friend. However do not underestimate our smart looking appearance, we might dress in jeans and t shirt to blend in with the environment or wear an Armani suit, but rest assured we will always get you to a place of safety. If you are in the Hampshire area specially Southampton, Portsmouth & Bournemouth and need a chaperone then email us at info@TriExForces.com with your requirements. What more, we will turn up in one of our 1st class vehicle or drive your car and bring you home safely so that way we can be more than your local taxi man and treat you like one of our secret VIP!

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